Five Signs That Your Business Needs a Certified Electrician

Every business needs certain commercial services to thrive and professional electrical services are one among them. While you may have a 24 hour electrician in Sydney available at your call, you need to be proactive and always look out for certain signs that may be predecessors of emergency situations.

Read on to find out more about such signs that call for immediate attention.

  • Your office building is aging

If you have set up your business within a property that is many-decades old, then there is a high chance that your electrics are deteriorating. For instance, in older buildings, the moisture laden areas like bathrooms or pantry appear dilapidated. In such cases, your commercial electrician in Sydney will assess the status of the electrical system within the building and suggest required upgrades and perform the mandatory maintenance schedules. By hiring an electrician for regular assessment of the electrics, you can avoid unwarranted blackout situations or safety hazards.

  • The circuit breaker is stripping more than often

A tripping breaker may imply a damaged fixture, loosened wiring or electrical overload. If your office suffers from frequent tripping (right after the fixture is reset) then have an electrician to find out the issue behind it.

  • You have purchased new equipment for your business

You may be expanding your business or hiring more people and may have therefore purchased new equipment (desktop computers, digital cameras, specialised lighting) recently. A growing business needs a commercial electrician in Sydney to install new equipment, outlets and update the sockets and wiring. Some businesses continue to operate with stripping wires and use rugs to cover up the increasing number of trailing wires. Tripping over such unorganised wires can cause injury and electrical fire too.

  • You wish to renovate your office space

As a business grows and makes profit, business owners consider remodelling the working space and adding a fair amount of elegance to it. Call a trusted electrician before you get started and have him inspect the space before making any major changes to the existing electrical system.

  • The working space offers a warm feeling

Walk around your office and feel the surface of your outlets or switches. If the surface feels warm or if there are traces of discoloration (generally the surface turns dark brown or black) around the electrical outlets, it could be a red flag. The change in colour can be an indication for many other electrical issues and is best dealt by the commercial electrician.

Apart from these signs, situations that involve flickering lights, blackouts, or tangled wires are also common within a business space. These signs demand due assistance from an experienced commercial electrician in Sydney as DIY attempts can lead to serious trouble and injury.

Is Your Home Electrically Healthy? Check Now!

Electricity is the main cause of accidental residential and commercial fires. Recent statistics revealed that each year about 70 people are killed and 350,000 people are seriously injured because of home-related electrical accidents.

In today’s modern living world, we are using more and more electrical appliances to make our living more and more convenient. For instance, just 15 years ago, the average homeowners in Sydney had one TV or radio, where it is more likely that there are at least two TVs, games console, 2-3 air conditioning units, computer and the list goes on… So, significantly, the risk of electrical accidents is also much higher than before. It’s always recommended to frequently inspect your home to analyse whether your home is electrically healthy or not.

How often do you have your electrical panel inspected? Twice in a year? Once in five year?  No…. just like your car, your electrical panel too require regular maintenance. It’s always better to catch an issue at an early stage and fix it.

When did you last check the condition and safety of your electrical outlets? Read on to know more…

  • Damaged plugs, sockets, flexible cables and out-dated wiring can cause unforeseen electrical shocks and damages to your property. So for you and your family’s safety, you need to look for the following:
  • Check the plug and socket for burn marks, sounds of buzzing or cracking, circuit breakers tripping etc. If you notice anything wrong, call your nearby electrician.
  • If the electrical cables experienced any wear & tear or any kind of damages, replace it immediately. Touching exposed live wires may give you an electric shock or you could even be killed.

Who Should Carry Out Electrical Work?

If you suspect, that your property is more prone to electrical shocks or any other electrical damages, you need to get help from a residential or commercial electrical contractor. It is important to make a note that any electrical inspection should be carried out only by people who are experienced, knowledgeable and competent. If you’re looking for an experienced residential or commercial electrician in Sydney for your electrical needs, continue reading…

Ask More Questions:

Start by checking that the individual is qualified, certified and registered by one of the Government approved schemes. Choosing a registered electrician means you will get additional protection when something goes wrong.

Ask to See the Paperwork for References:

Check the qualification of the electrician whom you are going to choose! If a tradesperson is unwilling to show you evidence of their qualification and registration status, this could be warning sign.

Get a Reference:

Ask them to provide references of previous happy customers. Ask these referees to explain the work they had done and how satisfied they were with the job done.

The above mentioned are few of the important steps to consider when looking for experienced electrical contractors in Sydney. Don’t make a decision quickly. If an electrician makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason, then switch to the other one without hesitation.

Working with the one whom you trust, will give a peace of mind! Hiring an experienced and qualified electrician will take the worries and the work off you!

Safety Tips to Prevent Commercial Electric Fires

In Commercial buildings, electricity typically enters through an electrical distribution system which varies in size and complexity depending on the operation of the business. This system is usually comprised of a network of circuits that include wiring, circuit breakers, fuses and additional step-down transformers for the low voltage equipment. So, the complex components that are involved in the electrical systems can expose your commercial building to fire risks.

Electrical fires consistently ranked No. 1 among the leading causes of commercial and residential fires which are often resulting in death, injury and significant property loss to your business. Electric current occurs when there is more amperage run across an electric circuit or outlet that the system can handle. Due to the increased electricity, the wire and circuit breakers can get excess heat which probably increases the risk of fire or short circuit. Certain problems are common in commercial buildings; fortunately, there are some warning signs and solutions to prevent such electrical fires…

Warning Signs

  • Frequently blown fuses or tripped circuits
  • Worn or discoloured wall outlets
  • Frequently flickering or dimming lights
  • Getting a shock

Hire a Qualified Electrician for Electrical Work

Qualified electricians in Sydney are trained to install all electrical wires and outlets to meet your building codes and standards. They will make sure that all the fixtures in your building are installed properly and if any problem occurs they can able to identify the faulty outlet from the miles away.

Do Not Use the Same Outlet

Electronic devices or equipment with high energy loads can easily overload a commercial outlet, especially while using the same outlet for more than one device. High energy equipment should have its own dedicated outlet, for your safety.

Eliminate Extension cords

If multiple devices are plugged into the same outlet through an extension cord, the risk of over current increases. Extension cords often provide a temporary solutions and it should not be used as a substitute for the fixed wiring of a device. If the extension cord is a permanent fixture in your office setup, definitely you should look for the other solution.

Blown Fuses and Tripped Circuits Indicates the Problem

Usually overloaded outlets or circuits may cause frequent blown fuses or tripped circuits are the main indications of electrical problems.

Also, a frequent flickering or dimming lights may indicate a short in the wiring, dangerous arcing, or an overextension of electrical systems.

Consult a licensed commercial electrician in Sydney for assistance.

Practice Preventative Maintenance

Within your electric system, loose and corroded wires connections can trip breakers, overload and damage the sensitive equipment. Regular maintenance of both electric system and the cords connecting to it helps you to reduce these risks.

By using these preventive steps and solutions, you can minimise the chance of an electrical hazard and potential loss in your commercial building, but it’s still important to hire an experienced electrician in Sydney for safe and stress-free life.

What Is A Safety Switch And How Do I Know If I Have One?

Recent statistics revealed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation states that nearly 15 people were killed in home electrical accidents each year and around 300 people were hospitalised with serious injuries. So sad but many of these accidents could have been prevented by the installation of safety switches.

Installing safety switches in your meter box is a small investment that you should do to provide long term protection for you and your family against serious injury and death.

What is a Safety Switch?

–    A Safety Switch is a device that can immediately detect when there is an electricity leak and will cut the flow at source instantly.
–   A safety switch minimises the risk of injuries and deaths due to contact with electricity.

How do I know if I have a safety switches installed?

You will need to go outside to your meterbox, usually at the side of the house or near the front door, and open the door. Safety switches can be identified by the “test” button on the front face of the switch. Also look out for any markings on the board that say “safety switch”.

How do I go about getting safety switches installed?

A Master Electrician will be able to install them for you. The good news is that they are becoming inexpensive to buy. However the price of the job will vary based on the size of a house, the condition of your meterbox and the number of switches.

How do I know if it’s working or not?

Although safety switches come in different brands, they will all have a “Test” button that you can press. If it’s working, it should immediately trip the electrical circuit that it’s connected to. This should be done every six months.

You can also get help from an experienced electrician in Sydney who can professionally test the safety switch for you. This is done using sophisticated testing instruments and records the time and leakage required to trip the switch. This type of test is recommended yearly.

Better Electrical, the experienced team of Accredited Master Electricians in Sydney can help you with all of your electrical service and repair needs including safety switches. Read more at

A Guide to Energy Star Rated Electrical Appliances

Did you know that your household appliance may account for an increase of 30% of your home energy bills? Buying the right appliances and using it in the right way, you can drastically reduce your energy bills. Always buy “Energy Star Rated Appliances”.

What does the Energy Star Symbol mean and what makes the appliances that have this symbol more efficient than other appliances?

ENERGY STAR is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.  Energy Star rated appliances make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.

Why Choose Energy Star Rated Appliances:

Appliances carrying the Energy Star rating typically are 10 to 20 percent more energy efficient than non-rated models. This means, you’ll not only save money, but help your environment as well.

Some state governments and local utilities have rebate programs set up to reward consumers for choosing Energy Star appliances. When you buy an Energy Star refrigerator, for example, you may be able to get a rebate on your purchase price to offset the cost.

Using energy-efficient appliances is more convenient, and hence, can make life easier for you. Energy efficient appliances require less maintenance, and replacement when compared to other non-energy star rated appliances.

These are quite a few advantages of going the energy-efficient way. So why not make a conscious effort to end up slashing some amount from your energy bills too!

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Ways to Slash Your Electricity Bills – Read Now!

Nobody wants to pay more on an electrical bill than necessary. With ever increasing energy rates, alot of people are looking to save money these days. Fortunately with a few simple tricks and adjustments to the way you operate your electrical appliances, you can steer your energy bills down.

Now let us discuss the few simple and effective ways to cut down your energy bills without sacrificing your sanity.

Replacing the lighting in your house is an inexpensive way to reduce your monthly electricity bill. Change all of your lighting to LED bulbs. LED lighting is becoming alot more affordable, uses less wattage and last longer than standard lighting and you can save up to 40% on your electricity bills per month.

Unplug electrical appliances and turn off lights when they’re not in use. Turn off the TV, DVR, DVD player, VCR, stereo or radio when no one is watching or listening.

If your household electrical appliances or air conditioners are more than 10 to 15 years old, they are definitely costing too much to run. Modern electric appliances that adhere to Energy Star ratings are 10 to 20 percent cheaper to operate than other products, which will add up to big savings on your electricity bills. So while looking to buy electrical appliances for your home, make sure to buy Energy Star Rated products.

Contact your local electrical contractor in Sydney for other tips. An experienced Master Electrician such as Better Electrical will offer advice, repairs and installations that could save you money on your electrical bill.

These are just the few ways to save more on electricity bills. When You Use Less, You’ll Pay Less! Get more advice to reduce your electricity bills from Accredited Master Electricians in Sydney, Better Electrical. Visit

USB Power Points – What is it? Do I need one?

In today’s world, electricity is a necessity. With everything needing to be plugged in, having electrical sockets that match our lifestyle and need is highly desired.

There are many designs and features of electrical power points available nowadays, but unfortunately choosing the right electrical outlets can be a daunting task. So it is always important when searching for the right electrical socket that you know exactly what you need to purchase. This is where engaging the services of the right electrician can really help.

A USB power point, as the name suggests, is a power point that also has a USB socket built into it. They can be customised to suit your need, such as;

–     Double power point with double USB point.
–     Single power point with double USB point.
–     Single power point with 2 double USB points.
–     From 1 – 6 double USB points on one switch plate.

If you own an iPhone, iPad, Samsung or any other mobile device then yes, you do need at least one USB power point. The best place to install them is on the kitchen splashback, bedroom next to your bed, office, lounge room…. Anywhere that you would conveniently like to charge your devices without having to plug & unplug chargers. You can charge any brand device with a USB power point and throw out all the different chargers in your draw.

But be careful, using the wrong USB power point can be very dangerous and may cause a fire or electric shock. There are many types of USB electrical outlets on the market, so purchasing one from a reputable brand such as Clipsal or HPM Legrand is highly recommended. Stay away from the cheap imported products, choose one that is Australian compliant and save yourself money and hassles in the long run.

When you decide to buy a USB power point, getting help from electricians in Sydney is a good place to start. Better Electrical, the team of Fully Accredited Master Electricians in Sydney is always here to help you with any questions regarding USB power points or any other electrical matter in your home or office. For more details, visit

Safety Measures – Electricity Gives Freedom and Electricity Kills!

Today, electricity plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It gives us light, heat, helps to cook food, keep food cool and many other things, and it can also be dangerous too. In most homes, accidents are caused due to faulty wiring, defective electrical appliances and improper use of electrical appliances.

Safety Measures to be followed while using electrical appliances:

–     Proper maintenance of electrical wiring and fuses is essential. Fuses should not be replaced with ones of higher amperage or with thick wires or tin foils.

–     If your meterbox has old ceramic fuses you should seriously consider upgrading to new circuit breakers and safety switches.

–     Faulty electrical appliances and equipment must be properly handled and repaired promptly. Hire an Accredited Master Electrician to check the household wiring and install an electrical safety switch if one is not already present.

–     Avoid using electrical appliances in wet areas.

–     Don’t touch electrical appliances, power points or switch outlets with wet hands.

–     When unplugging an appliance, first turn off the switch then pull out the plug. Make sure you hold the plug rather than the cord.

–     If an electrical appliance catches fire, unplug it if possible. Don’t use water to put out the flames. Seek help from electrician as soon as possible.

–     Periodically keep an eye on the condition of the plugs, switch outlets and sockets. You should also pay attention to any burnt or damaged wires on electrical appliances. It’s best to get the services of a professional electrician to fix such problems.

–     When working with electricity do not stand bare foot on metal, wet floor or wet ground. It is wiser to stand on a rubber-mat or a dry wooden platform wearing rubber soled shoes.

–     Before going to bed, make it a routine to check that all electrical devices not in use are properly shut off.

Carefully observe all safety measures when using electricity to keep yourself and your family safe.

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Reasons – Why You Should Use an Accredited Master Electrician

From the lighting fixtures to the wiring in your walls, electricity is important for a home. Electricity is a modern luxury which has become more complex over the last decade, so a simple mistake in wiring could cause a fire in your home which could lead to serious consequences. This is why it is important that you hire a licensed service provider and avoid doing any electrical repairs or upgrades yourself.

So when it comes to electrical work at home or business, you should make sure you hire experienced and Accredited Master Electricians to ensure safety and security. Here are the top 5 reasons why it’s best to use a professional Master Electrician such as Better Electrical for electrical work in your home or office.

–     Master Electrician – Safety
Working with electricity is dangerous and requires great caution and expertise. Accredited Master Electricians have a commitment to safety by using a sophisticated safety management system through Safety Connect. If you’re a bit unsure that you can handle the task safely, never hesitate to seek any professional help. A Master Electrician knows exactly what safety precautions to take when dealing with electricity.

–     Master Electrician – Cost Effective

Doing electrical work with the help of a Master Electrician often saves you money in the long run. Rather than average electricians, Master Electricians must guarantee their work so there is no additional labour cost if you’re not initially satisfied with the quality of work.

–     Master Electrician – Professional and Timely Services

Licensed Master Electricians are trained and experienced in doing all types of electrical work. This allows them to perform the work efficiently and solve the problem quickly and effectively as necessary.

–     Master Electrician – Vast Knowledge and Experience

Expertise and Experience of a Master Electrician insures you will complete your project safely, accurately and quickly and also they guarantee their work will comply with all relevant codes.

If you need any electrical work done in your home, it’s always best to hire a Master Electrician. Not only is this the safest option, but also it can be a more reliable and cost-effective alternative as well.

Knowledgeable and trustworthy Sydney master electricians at Better Electrical are equipped with state of the art tools which allow them to finish each job in the minimum amount of time necessary. For more details, visit

Accredited Master Electricians – Things You Should Know!

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, there are alot of areas where you can save money. DIY & sub-standard electrical work is not one. So when it comes to wiring and electrical appliances installation, utilising the services of an Accredited Master Electrician is important.

Unfortunately, there are many non-licensed cowboy electricians who will not give guarantees on either the quality of the work or the materials that are being used. Hiring a professional and licensed electrician gives you the confidence that you are in safe hands. Hence the importance of using an “Accredited Master Electrician in Sydney

Master Electricians – What’s it?

Master Electricians Australia sets the benchmark of excellence for the electrical contracting industry in Australia. They are a not-for-profit organisation working to ensure Master Electricians possess and continue to retain the skills that keep them at the forefront of their industry.

Members are given access to expert industry advice, training and services to assist in maintaining high standards and deliver on promises to customers.

All members can be recognised by the Master Electricians member logo which has become the hallmark that inspires trust for consumers nationally.